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Awake O Christian

Awake, O Christian, from thy sleep,
And heed thy brother’s call!
He cries to thee across the deep,
Where darkest shadows falls.
From sin and guilt and wretchedness
He knows not where to flee;
Go tell him how the Lord can bless!
Thy brother calls to thee.

’Mid deepest gloom and darkest night
He lifts his helpless hands;
Can aught but Jesus give him light
Or break his cruel bands?
Then send, O send the Master’s Word
Across the wide blue sea,
Where Macedonia’s cry is heard!
Thy brother calls to thee.

O save the lost, the sinner turn!
To blind men send the light!
O let thy soul with ardor burn
To lead them to the right;
Then usher in that glorious day,
The kingdom yet to be,
When all shall own the Master’s sway!
Thy brother calls to thee.